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FotiaLamp Extension Kit

FotiaLamp Extension Kit

Ultimate Outdoor Multi-Tool
A fire-starter to keep you and your family warm. Also perfect for easy, enjoyable campfires
An accurate compass that ensures you will never get lost
A stainless steel multi-tool that can do just about anything
An emergency whistle to summon help when you're stranded
With this custom-designed modular kit, you will be prepared for any emergency. It includes two airtight, waterproof storage compartments, which can hold an array of survival tools that are guaranteed to keep you alive. It's perfectly-suited to handle any emergency.
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Material (Storage Case): Aluminum
  • Material Finish: Hard Anodized Oxidation
  • Modular Storage Case (Product Sizes):
- W29.8 x H83.5mm (L)
- W29.8 x H60mm (S)
  • Modular Storage Case (Volume):
- 0.87 Fluid Oz (L)
- 0.59 Fluid Oz (S)
- To attach any of the modular storage tubes, you must first unscrew the magnetic mount end cap from the Fotialamp flashlight. Afterwards you can simply screw the desired tube length in place and close it off with either the magnetic mount end cap or the regular end cap included in the survival kit.
- You can assemble the storage tubes in different configurations: Long Tube + Fotialamp, Short Tube + Fotialamp, Long Tube + Short Tube + Fotialamp, and Short Tube + Long Tube + Fotialamp. You can also cap both ends of the storage tube for carrying it by itself.
- You can fit the entire survival kit accessories into the Long Tube, the Short Tube cannot hold the fire starter and multitool key.
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