Hajimari Tops are precision engineered metal spinners that make any desk, office space, or home more elegant and relaxing. Each CNC-machined top is made with conflict-free materials and is hand finished and carefully inspected for a superior tactile experience and a smooth, long-lasting spin.



Weight does play a large part in a spinning tops’ spin time. The heavier the top is, the longer it will spin. If spun all together, aluminum top would tumble and stop first.

  • HAJIMARI can spin on its tip because of its rotational inertia
  • Each package includes a top and a carry bag
  • Made from genuine and long-lasting materials
  • High corrosion resistance and durability
  • Playful and easy to use
  • Compact and portable

Aluminum: Matte sandblast aluminum top

  • WEIGHT : 11.3g
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Spin Time : Short

Stainless Steel: Matte sandblast Stainless Steel top

  • WEIGHT : 33.2g
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Spin Time : Medium

Bronze: Matte sandblast Bronze top

  • WEIGHT : 33.9g
  • Difficulty : Hard
  • Spin Time : Long

24k Rose Gold: Matte sandblast Rose Gold top

  • WEIGHT : 36.2g
  • Difficulty : Hard
  • Spin Time : Longest


A spinning top is a toy designed to spin rapidly; the fast motion causes it to remain balanced on its tip from inertia.

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