TP Toss

TP Toss is an inflatable toilet bowl rim around your waist that others can throw inflatable “TP rolls” through it. The game requires no previous experience. Just inflate the toilet seat, the TP rolls and the battle begins! It’s easy-to-clean, long-lasting fun and is the perfect addition to family gathering nights.

  • Perfect for beating those isolation blues
  • Hours of entertainment for you and your family
  • Appropriate for all ages: kids, adults, seniors
  • Easy to clean
  • One size fits all
TP Toss

TP Toss

Inflate the toilet seat and TP rolls
It takes just moments to inflate the strap-on toilet seat and TP rolls. I’m sure your kids will be cheering you on though.

Have fun!
Have a normal one-on-one game, or maybe a weekend tournament. Blindfold the thrower for higher difficulty and even more silliness.

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